Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Yesterday afternoon 8th March, 2022 the .fj helpdesk received complaints from Fiji clients regarding problems with the resolution of .fj domain requests.

Initial investigations revealed that .fj resolutions were working within USP and all resolutions for the most of the remaining global DNS namespace seemed to be working so access to offshore-hosted services on the Internet like You Tube and Facebook were working normally - other services like email, messaging were similarly unaffected.

As per normal escalation protocols for such .fj DNS issues, regional and global partners coordinating global DNS were contacted - and eventually due to the extremely high security nature of any such DNS work, IANA the global coordinating body for the Domain Name System (DNS) root were contacted to assist with troubleshooting.

Unfortunately due to the time differences with the operating hours of their US desk, IANA assistance for the .fj technical team was not available until early this morning - with the issue eventually being addressed and resolutions effected as of 3am this morning 9th March, 2022.

These changes should take around 24hrs to propagate across the Internet.

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