Thursday, August 25, 2022

Dear FJ Domain Customers,

We have received a few queries about FJ domain services recently - specifically on the resolution of DNS queries following an extended outage following planned maintenance yesterday (24/8/22) to .FJ’s primary upstream link.

FJ Domain Services has replication servers strategically hosted across the internet with partner organizations to propagate .fj dns information across the internet. Some servers are located within Fiji and accessible via Fiji’s Internet Exchange Point (IXP) while others are hosted globally. These were designed to ensure global DNS replication coverage across the Internet in the event of an outage as experienced.

During the extended outage however, certain Internet Service Providers (ISP) reported intermittent outages of .fj DNS services from their customers and while we are working with them to identify the reasons for these, we would appreciate that any FJ Domain customers that faced issues with .fj resolutions over the last 24 hours please log a ticket via the FJ Domain portal to help us investigate further.

This information will help us to work closer with your Internet Services Providers to improve things going forward.

Kind Regards

FJ Domain Team

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